Crimson Crow

Elf Hermetic Mage


Shadowrunner – Mage

Alias – Crimson Crow
Real name – Marshal Pierce
Race – Elf

Height 2m Weight 90kg


A long term resident of Denver, most locals simply assume Crimson has always been there, though actually an immigrant, Crimson was one of the first batch of metahumans to start popping up around the globe, and while many of that batch have since passed on due to drastically reduced lifespans or misfortune, Crimson has grinded on through, no one really knows his actual age and such things are difficult to tell with elves he appears and as a man in his late twenties or very early thirties, but underneath his apparent youth there is a man who has been through some shit and then some. Sure being an elf does have its perks, chicks dig the ears but when racial hatred flares up they’re almost always the first to get targeted, orcs and trolls being big and scary, Crimson has had to flee more than one city after having ‘issues’ with certain residents that got out of hand in the bloody kind of way, incidents like those pushed Crimson into having to take to the shadows and it is there that the fire-bringer found him. Before Crimson had always been a simple survivor, moving from one place to another grabbing whatever work would come his way, it took the fire-bringer to show him there was more to life than that.

It took a lot of blood sweat tears and a hell of a lot of good intentions gone wrong for Crimson to end up in Denver and there for the first time in many many years he decided to settle down, establish roots and to push himself further. A half decent mage in Denver can find plenty of work if he knows where to look and as far as authorities are concerned, Marshal Pierce lives a very quiet life renting a flat and making a yo-yo style income working reagents for local businesses, Crimsons actual life is quite similar to this story, if it took a running jump off a cliff, waded through the murky waters of hell for a bit and somehow found land on the opposite side.
If it wasn’t for a certain Talismonger named Connor, Crimson would of likely died in some turf war years ago as a hired gun with all the best intentions of improving the local neighbourhood at heart. Connor is on one side Crimsons best friend, magical mentor and landlord while on the other side the one who introduced him to the more professional ways of conducting criminal business in Denver. How the two met is a rather complicated story best left for people interested in stories involving a smuggled tiger, the mafia and a really REALLY stupid street gang out for a quick buck.
Nowadays Crimson lives in the flat above the shop in a area that has over the years developed a not half bad community of criminals who know not to shit were they sleep. Crimson helps out in the shop as well as gives a helping hand to Connor for enchanting and alchemy work, also more importantly Crimson helps as one of the many boots on the ground for smuggling the absurd amounts of illegal goods that flow through Denver and the shop.

Crimson Crow

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